Hi guys! Today I am showing you the rooms of the Frozen Party, cheats. and glitches.

Island pic 7

Elsa's Ice Palace

Island pic 1


Island pic 2


Island pic 3

Snow Forts

Island pic 4


Island pic 5


Island pic 6


Island pic 8


The Frozen Party is a takeover party. A takeover is where the whole island or most of the island is transformed. Once you collect all the hidden snowflakes, and you are a member, you can create a snowman puffle, turn into Olaf, turn into Marshmellow, collect the special snowball powers, and (for non-members) collect the ice spiral hat. Also, if you collect all the snowflakes in a room, you can get a item for non-members and a item for members. Elsa is giving away free ice palaces and ice furniture to everyone, so collect it while you can. Elsa is also giving away a free background, if you click on her during her performance you will get the Elsa background. Lastly there is a transformation glitch. If you have your player card open and transform into Olaf or Marshmallow, you will see your regular penguin on the player card, but you will see Olaf or Marshmallow.

Thanks for reading! -ClubPenguin101 a.k.a Lebron2014

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